5 SEO Concepts Entrepreneurs should implement to boost Google ranking

  • The hardest (but most effective?) method would be working on the pages individually. This means optimizing each page, building links, and essentially building out a campaign for each page of your site. This obviously is more difficult and requires more effort/time, but it is the best blog tip. Realistically speaking, unless you have a team, ranking 300 pages one after the other isn’t exactly an ideal solution… which brings me on to the next point…
  • The next option is to just begin link building to all of your pages at once, regardless of the keyword or city. Results wise, probably not as effective as directly link building to each page… but as for time, well, you save a lot of time.
  • Another option (albeit the slowest) would be to focus entirely on your root domain/homepage (). Spend time building up the authority of your root domain (think highly powered links with large link juice flowing to your root (providing that those pages are well optimized). Do you ever wonder why all the big brands/sites at #1 always usually rank instantly for new pages/keywords? It’s because their domain contains authority and when it comes to SEOauthority = dominance. If you have a site that is strong and contains authority, other pages on your site are given that extra advantage when it comes to ranking
boost Google ranking
boost Google ranking

Often webmasters get this round the wrong way. You want to focus niche and hyper-niche pages towards the more general terms. The common mistake is to link everything out from the home page, which has the effect of weakling the page instead of strengthening it. You want to keep adding layers and links directing to your target page.

If we take your 300 pages and assume currently they are set up like a normal website. The link juice will likely flow out from the menu and home page to every other page and all over the show. Now while you can’t avoid having the menu you can cycle that lost link juice back into the system by directing the pages to a target page.

boost Google ranking
boost Google ranking

SMM shows how a simple services-suburb suffix page structure can be redirected to focus on the home page to boost its authority. Google will consider that home page relevant to all those niches and more important than other pages on other sites with less linking (simplistically speaking).

In practice, if I wanted my home page to rank for a general, but the important term ‘shoe sales’ I would take all my other pages for green shoes, red shoes, blue shoes and point them back to my target shoe sales page. The link juice would then flow to the main page.

Some magic can happen when you start to link from external sources, social media, and posts etc creating external backlinks. Now the link juice flows from the external source page-> to the first layer of link juice flowing down to your target page boosting the whole process.

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