5 things you must consider on priority while optimizing your website.

Website SEO

Website optimization and SEO are popular topics for discussion. Website SEO consists of taking steps to develop a more refined website which will provide a better user experience. An optimized website is required for more web traffic and impressing visitors.

Website SEO

Popular website SEO tips include –

  1. Create a good home page – The home page, where the visitor lands, is the most important part of any website. Just like the lobby of a hotel goes a long way in impressing a guest the home page of a website decides if a visitor will spend a few seconds or few hours on the site. Not only that but it shares the site’s credo and goals and provides a gist about your products and services. Developing a good homepage is a crucial part of website SEO.
  2. Create accurate page titles – The page title must be a short and precise description of the contents of the page. If a page is about “aerobic workouts” the page title must mention that explicitly. Make the search snippet exciting and worth exploring. Google usually displays the 60 – 70 characters at the beginning of the title tag.
  3. Create content – There has to be relevant and fresh content on your site. Find out what are required keywords and integrate them into website or blog. Make sure that the content is clear and easy to understand and that the font and background color are friendly to the eye. Guest blogging is very beneficial to building traffic and improving website SEO. By becoming part of already existing communities, you can increase your reputation and build high-quality backlinks. Engaging articles with at least 350 words and an image make your site seem more authentic.
  4. Use correct keywords – The use of keywords plays a crucial role in website SEO. With the help of keywords, search engine robots can understand what your site is about and who it is aimed at. An excellent place to add a keyword is indicated on the header. Search engines display headers as the title of your website. You can also use keywords in the site URL and header tags. This helps you get a good ranking of the page. On the other hand, the excessive number of keywords is considered spam and can negatively affect the ranking of your site. Be sure to maintain a keyword density of 3-7% on all site content.
  5. Miscellaneous techniques – There are several more ways to optimize a website. Participate in link building. Several of the methods listed above involve having other sites host your link. Backlinks are a powerful way to improve a website’s page ranking and also to bring in new visitors. Create a mobile-friendly site since mobile search is increasing. Unless the website is optimized for mobile users, it will mean a lot of traffic is lost. Make your mobile website easy to use. Hosting your website’s sitemap plays an essential role in page ranking. If WordPress is being used, you can generate a sitemap using a plugin such as XML sitemap.

Website optimization is a long-term process. It helps in website SEO and also makes it easier for visitors.  And the effort has to be sustained, or the site will become redundant. But it pays rich dividends since it builds the brand image and brings in new customers.

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