Google Maps is 15 Years Old, Introduces New Features And Features

Google celebrates the 15th anniversary of its Maps platform and has announced the new design and new features to its popular application.

The company has found the updated Google Maps app for Android and iOS devices available from today. Application recently redesigned focuses on five tabs: exploring, sharing, saving, contributing and updating. Further information. The exploration tab will provide information, ratings, and reviews, including local restaurants, city monuments and more for approximately 200 million places worldwide.

The Commute tab allows users to navigate turn-by-turn, and a different mode of transport can be chosen, such as cars or public transport. In addition, the tab will provide traffic updates, travel times and alternative routes in real-time. Users can display the saved space in one place on the Saved tab. Contribute to the tab to share local knowledge such as roads and addresses details, missing spots, business reviews, and photos.

Finally, the Updates tab will feed local experts and publishers with trending spots. The company also updated the appearance with a new Google Maps icon. In addition, the company offers a party-themed car icon as a part of the celebrations, which will be available on Google Maps for a limited amount of time. It also shows that Live View will be expanded and new capabilities will be tested. In Live View, the company says, one can quickly see how far a place is and how far.

New transit features have also been introduced on Google Maps. The company introduced crowd predictions last year to help you see how crowded buses, trains or the metro can be built upon past journeys. The brand is expanding and now enables users to check the transit temperature early.

Where someone has particular needs or needs extra assistance, public transit lines with staff support, accessible entry and seat access, accessible stop button or high-visibility LED can be identified. Whether transit systems have a designated women’s section or carriages will be displayed for women’s security. In addition, the app will also show if security monitoring is available onboard.

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