Google Pay Adds FASTag Users UPI Reload Option

Google Pay today announced that a new feature has been added to allow users to reload a button to their FASTag accounts.

Google Pay users can recharge their FASTag accounts easily and skip long queues in pebbles with the latest update. Upon convenient recharge and track, payment users need simply to link their FASTag accounts with the Google Pay app.

Simply open your Google Pay app to recharge your FASTag, select the Bill Payments category for your FASTag and select the bank issued with your FASTags. Enter your vehicle number and pay with your bank account on the next screen. Users are also free for FAS Tags issued by supported banks with the tap of a button to check their FASTag account balance.

FASTag is a user-friendly, reloadable tag that automatically allows for the payment of tolls on roads, allowing the cars to go through toll checks without stopping cash transactions.

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