Google Translate Will Soon Provide Live Android Transcription

Google’s new Google Translate Application feature is said to be working. A new prototype feature, known as Live Transcription, has been shown by the company.

In a series of artificial intelligence demonstrations at his San Francisco office, The Verge reports. The company demonstrated the feature. The new feature helps users to transcribe a language to a different language in real-time. The company has shown that an internet connection is necessary for this feature. It’s mainly because multi-lingual transcripts are more complicated in real-time than simple Google Translate translation capabilities.

The company explained that the transcription feature evaluates the entire phrase recording constantly via the device microphone. When the audio is played, it decides where to add punctuation and makes other corrections, such as contextual word correction, accent fixing, and dialect fixing. The company has shown that audio files are not supported and live audio input from the microphone is necessary. The company has nevertheless revealed no schedule for this feature, but says it will reach’ a certain point in the future.’

In addition, the yearly Google developer meeting, Google I / O2020, has been announced by Google. The enterprise has shown that it is hosting the event on 12 May. Google CEO Sundar Pichai revealed his official Twitter handle with details about the upcoming event. The tweet shows that from 12 May Google I / O 2020 starts and runs until 14 May. The company will hold the conference on the Mountain View Shoreline Amphitheater

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