How to generate the right traffic for a website?

generate organic traffic

It is the aim of all website owners to generate organic traffic. It is one of the most essential aspects of online business. The other aspect is to focus on getting the right kind of traffic to your website. There are several hundred sites competing for an audience of a limited size. It requires time, energy and persistence to make the right kind of traffic increase but it can and does happen.

  1. Be attentive to on-page SEO – SEO is the most valuable and worthwhile practice that you can undertake to generate organic traffic. On page, factors are those that are related to your website. It includes everything from the quality of your code to the visual appeal of the site. Each webpage of your website must have its own meta title and meta tag. These are the page titles and brief descriptions that appear on search engine results.
  2. Unique Content –Content is the foundation of traffic. It is what attracts visitors to a website. You have to provide relevant and up to date information and keep the audience engaged. Make the content attractive to read, and it will generate organic traffic. Search engines like websites which update their content regularly. A site cannot be static. Fresh content needs to be added to it at regular intervals. This is usually done by maintaining a blog. New content makes a website more visible on search engines. Make sure the content is free of grammar errors and typos.
  3. Create a great website – A really professional looking website which is well optimized goes a long way in impressing visitors. Make sure that the website loads quickly and that it has a mobile version for it to generate organic traffic.
  4. Active social media presence – Do not overlook the overwhelming influence of social media. Facebook has 2 billion active users. If you are able to engage the tiniest fraction of that crowd with your social media presence that will translate into potential clients. It is the same for Twitter and Instagram. A well crafted social media presence does wonder for making your business more visible if your social media and website are all interconnected.
  5. Write engaging headlines – A great headline is the most effective tool at drawing a visitor from search page to the site. You have to make your headlines appear interesting, witty and stand out from the crowd.
  6. Paid search – Paid search and advertising on social media are excellent ways to attract visitors, create your brand and make your site known to people. Do you adjust your paid search strategies to your goals –  do you want more traffic or increase the number of conversions? So think carefully about your goals before paying for SEM. If you’re expecting more traffic to your site to generate more revenue, your paid search strategies will require you to target high-quality keywords. Yes, competition for these keywords can be difficult (and expensive), but the benefits may be worth it.

There is no magic method or formula to drive traffic to a website. You have to mix up various strategies and find which one works best. While content-based marketing is essential, do not forget older techniques like email marketing. The power of word of mouth publicity is also potent in generating organic traffic.

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