How to use social media profile linking to get quality links?

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The use of the social media profile of a business or a person to create links is a hotly debated topic. In spite of not very genuine marketers who create a fake profile with an intention to spam social media links, it is still a valuable practice. It is very usual to have an official profile which puts forth information about you, your area of expertise and business. It is possible to use it to further your reach and as part of an effective digital marketing strategy. An online profile on social network platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn not only increases visibility but facilitates to extend your network. These are some of the more usual ways of using social media profiles –

  1. Use an executive’s profile to reach out – It is much more probable that someone would enjoy contact with a person than a business. A real person is much more effective in reaching out to another. Usually, people do not like to be contacted by businesses and brands on social media. Personal connections have their own unique appeal and help in generating social media links. However, there has to be an adequate effort to at first develop a relationship. A digital marketing team can use an executive’s own social media profile to add friends or pursue existing contacts. This allows the executive to become a more well-known face in the industry. However, proper care has to be taken that the person is up to date with all conversations in his name. Otherwise, if he appears clueless in a real conversation, it will seem deceitful.
  2. Use of niche forums to build relationships – While we are used to the more well known social networks such as Facebook and Twitter for creating social media links there exists a lot of specialized discussion forums on the internet which discuss a particular topic from computer hacking to space flights. All key executives of a business must find these smaller and more specialized forums and become more involved with people in the same trade. A primary example of such forums would be Reddit which hosts discussions on thousands of topics and Github which is for computer programmers. It is not possible to spam in these sites because they are tightly moderated, but one can develop a friendly relationship with the entire community. You must make sure you are sharing useful content. It is not a great idea to turn a discussion into the promotion of own services.
  3. Use LinkedIn to share content – Get executives engaged on LinkedIn with social media links. They should regularly share content with their contacts. Executives of business enjoy lot more trust than ordinary marketers. The suggestions which they provide for links are going to be taken more seriously. Their status and their profile make what they offer more authentic. Users of LinkedIn like to hear the opinion of influential business leaders and such view can be accompanied by the link.
  4. Build a relationship with people who are leaders – It is essential to reach out to those who are leaders in the field. They usually have social media profiles on Twitter, and the first step is to follow them and then hope that they will follow you back. Show through a tweet how you are in touch with their recent work or comments or podcast.

Using online social media profiles for link building is not fast or easy. But persistence pays off. It helps to grow your network and establish you as a serious player in your sector. It is also a way to update oneself about the field and keep abreast of everything that is happening.

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