In India, Ola launches new Guardian

Today Ola, a ride-hailer, has confirmed that its new Guardian feature will be released in India. In the 17 countries like Australia, the business has also launched the feature.

The organization has indicated that it resides in 16 Indian cities. The role uses real-time drive details, including prolonged pauses and unexplained path changes, to automatically detect unusual travel activities.

The updates are sent in real-time to the 24×7 protection response team of Ola. The team then calls consumers and drivers to check whether they are secure. This provides assistance on – the-call until the trip is over. Customers can also use the Emergency button on the device calling police offices and their loved ones.

Ola Guardian is based on the Ola ecosystem to constantly learn from millions of data points per day, allowing it to enhance danger management and quick solving. It relies on artificial intelligence and deep learning capabilities.

“We concentrate on creating creativity that puts client health at the heart of our product experience,” said Arun Srinivas, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of Ola. The’ Guardian’ blends the accuracy of artificial intelligence with the promise of human intervention, enables a consistent and secure connectivity interface across the markets we work in, “he said,” The technologies that have all been developed in India are our protection measures, such as an emergency button, a facial driver identification system and an OTP program. In our quest to create mobility for one trillion citizens we are dedicated to further innovating in key fields such as health, usage, and partners.”

The Organization has shown that a holistic approach is being followed to build a safe environment. Ola also performs compulsory inspection through close criminal records and mandatory online driver training, including customer service and etiquette courses, app use, partner assistance, defensive driving, etc.

In order to avoid driver impersonation, Ola has introduced a facial recognition program which requires on-the-job drivers to authenticate themselves multiple times between rides.

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