Rs 2121 Prepaid Recharge Program For 336 Days is Launched by Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio has revealed that it is providing a new 336day prepayment program for Rs 2121.  The prepaid upgrade package for Rs 2.121 Jio offers similar advantages to the Rs 2.020 prepaid plan unveiled in December of last year.

Jio’s subscribers can get 1,5 GB of data daily for 336 days in line with the Rs 2121 prepayment contract. The customers will then allow the use of the cumulative capacity benefits of 504GB. Besides, it also has 100 SMS, Jio-to-Jio roaming, and landline telephone calls per day, and 12,000 non-Jio minutes. In addition, Jio applications such as JioTV, JioCinema, and JioNews are eligible for gratis subscriptions.

The contract Rs 2121 Jio is available on the website of the firm. The biggest drawback, however, is the decrease of validity by 29 days. Rs 2020 is 365 days invalidity and Rs 2121 is 336 days in length.

The operator has now abandoned its new Rs 2020 plan. The prepayment plan offered 1.5 GB monthly, 100 SMS every day, and 12,000 minutes for Jio off-net calls with a 12-month validity.

The annual contracts of Rs 2399 and Rs 2398 are addressed by other operators Vodafone and Airtel. The plans include regular 1,5 GB storage, unlimited phone calls and 100 SMS each. The contracts include a daily Zee5, Vodafone Play, and Airtel service.

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