Snapchat Introduces 5 Additional Indian Languages Assistance

Snapchat announced today that it will develop five new Indian languages in the coming weeks, including Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu.

These are the four languages that have been sponsored since last year–Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, and Punjab. Nearly nine Indian languages are sponsored by the program.

The average daily users of Snapchat are 218 million. The average number of Snaps generated each day is over 3.5 billion while the average user time per day is 30 minutes. 2 out of 5 snap chatters watch every day Discover feed service that delivers more than 450 worldwide premium content outlets.

Recently, in Bitmoji TV’s Snapchatter and the last snap buddy in a 10-episode series, Snapchat introduced a unique way of interactive entertainment.

The company opened in Mumbai its first office last year and set up a team to grow local collaborations, develop and sustain a devoted group of creators and users.

Snap has also launched tools, interactions and services specially tailored for its Indian community. The company’s collaboration with T-Series, NDTV and WWM Times Group has so far been confirmed. It also introduced the Augmented Reality experience (AR) at the Taj Mahal and Indian Gateway, as well as the AR mirror, screen, and stickers during festivals in India.

Snap also entered Rely Jio for the first of its kind of innovative AR competition “Jio’s Got Talent” recently.

“Snapchat empowers people to express themselves with their real friends, said Nana Murugesan, managing director, International Markets at Snap. We understand how important language is in strengthening relationships and continue to develop new characteristics and experiences that represent our Indian community’s culture and values. The development we have witnessed here is exciting because we almost increased our regular consumer figures over the last year and are delighted to see a much larger audience for Snap’s magic. India is one of the world’s most culturally diverse countries and we want the most people here to have exposure to our platform.”

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