WiFi Clearance For Samsung Galaxy A71 5G

Samsung is focusing on the 5 G variant of Galaxy A71 4 G for Rs 29,999 recently launched in India. The Samsung Galaxy A71 5 G is accredited WiFi by the WiFi Alliance (WFA) with the model number Samsung SM-A7160. The collection indicates that the phone can be released early.

The radio list shows that 2.4GHz and 5GHz network strips are allowed in the Samsung Galaxy A715G. This would provide clear Wi-Fi access and Wi-Fi is included. Wi-Fi is included. Unfortunately, no details are specified on the list except that the system is powered by Android 10. The classification is accredited with WFA94803 and is dated 21 February 2020 approved

In an earlier listing of the Geekbench, certain essential specifications were disclosed of the Galaxy A71 5G. Exynos 980 SoC is supplied as per the description. The handset has 8 GB RAM and will be working on the new Android 10 out-of-the-box operating system. In the single-center exam and in the multi-core test, the phone earned 3,078 and 7,346.

In a previous report, Samsung Galaxy A71 5G with Exynos 980 SoC is already in operation. The SM-A7160 could be the first Samsung smartphone to operate the Exynos 980 chipset with a 5 G intermediate range. For its 5 G devices, Samsung also using Snapdragon 855 and Exynos 9825.

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